MontPhoto WWF Grant

I've just returned from the 20th MontPhoto-Festival in Spain where our project on brown bears in central Europe was rewarded as the winner of the WWF Grant. We are deeply honored and grateful that our work was chosen by the Jury and our project as well as the situation of the bears in central Europe gets so much attention.  Since 2015 Christine, Marc and myself are working hard on giving an intimate glimpse into the life of the biggest predator on our continent. One of our main focus is to document the interaction with humans and portrait people who share their environment with this unique and shy animals. 

There is still a lot of work waiting and a lot of awareness needs to be raised - especially in Austria! We will do our part to show that a co-existance is possible, even in a dense populated area like central Europe.

I'm look forward for presenting our project next year at the 21st MontPhoto Festival.

In the meantime you can follow our work and stories at

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