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Robert Haasmann - Photographer, Traveler, Nature Enthusiast

Robert is an award-winning professional photographer based in Salzburg, Austria. His photography is all about Wildlife, Landscape and Conservation.

Local nature is in focus of his work, as well as projects all around the globe. He is passionate about wild nature and untouched places. Capturing their beauty and bringing it closer to the beholder is an important part of his work. Conservation and the preservation of biodiversity are of great concern to him and have become more and more the focus of his photography. Since beautiful photos alone are not enough to fight for these concerns, his photography changed to a more photojournalistic approach.

Travelling our wonderful planet has always been an important motivation to him and for most parts of the year he enjoys his nomadic lifestyle. In his early years Robert roamed the vast wilderness of northern Scandinavia. The far north has become a constant companion throughout Robert’s photographic journey and his camera has carried him to some of the most remote areas of our planet. Through the years, he spent months in Alaska and Canada, he stood on the edge of the Ice Cape in Greenland and came back to Scandinavia dozens of times.

Robert is passionate about bears since he first crossed paths with a wild bear in the Yukon some 10 years ago. In recent years he spent much of his time studying bears and their behavior. The European Brown Bears in Central Europe became the main topic of his long-term project ‘Leben am Limit’ (Living on the edge). For the last 4 years he portrayed bears in their everyday life, set up countless camera traps to show bears close-up in connection with their habitat and documented the coexistence between human and predator. On multiple trips to Alaska’s remote Katmai National Park, Robert camped for weeks among the tallest brown bears on earth and photographed them from close-up. Being able to life together with bears gained in a deeper understanding of their behavior. By telling his stories about bears and the coexistence with humans, Robert hopes to raise awareness and give first-hand information’s. His dream is to one day be able to photograph a wild brown bear in his native European alps.

New Zealand with its diverse landscapes and unique wildlife became a recent fascination to him. Beside documenting the country’s extraordinary diversity he is going to focus on New Zealand’s endemic birds and conservationists efforts to protect them.


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   Highly Commanded 2019 - Mammals


   Highly Commanded 2018 - Mammals


   2 Highlights 2019 - Magnificent Wilderness

   Highlight 2013 - Diversity of all other animals


   Winner 2016 - Beca MontPhoto WWF Grant

VTNÖ - Verein für Tier- und Naturfotografie Österreich:  

   Overall Winner 2017 - Nature Photo of the year

   Wildlife Photographer of the year 2016  

   Overall Winner 2016 - Nature Photo of the year  

IFWP - International Federation of Wildlife Photography:

   Winner 2015 - Landscape
   3. Place 2015 - Mammals

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