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Robert Haasmann - Photographer, Traveler, Nature Enthusiast

Robert is a full time photographer from Salzburg, Austria. His photography is all about Travel, Landscape and Wildlife. The deep passion for photography grew along with his desire to travel our wonderful planet. In his early years Robert roamed the vast wilderness of northern Scandinavia. It was then when he started to value the comfort of his sleeping bag along with a great view out of his tent over any five star hotel room. The far north has become a constant companion throughout Roberts photographic journey and his camera has carried him to some of the most remote areas. For two summers Robert traveled in Alaska and Canada, he stood on the edge of the Ice Cape in Greenland and came back to Scandinavia dozens of times.

Beside traveling the North, he traveled all over Europe, some lower parts of North America ,visited the last mountain gorillas in Africa and toured through New Zealand. His untamed curiosity made him explore some of the most hidden corners of his Austrian home. 

In recent years he used his camera as the tool to promote conservation. Raising awareness for the importance of biodiversity and showing the beauty of untouched wilderness has become a main aim of his work.

Currently, his work has a strong focus on the mountains, valleys and forests of the Alps - Europe's wild heart. It's about the return of big predators to the areas where they were once exterminated and it's about the protection of the last wild places in Austria's alps.

His latest project is about Brown Bears in Central Europe and their relation to humans. It was awarded with the Beca MontPhoto WWF Grant in 2016.

He is the Co-Founder of "Die Naturfotowerkstatt" - a company specialized in Photography Workshops for small groups. As a Trainer for photography he passes along his knowledge at some of the most beautiful spots in Austria, Germany, Slovenia, Italy and Norway.

Robert is a photo-travel host for "ARR Natur und Kulturreisen". Together they offer destinations like Lapland, Norway, Iceland, Greenland, Alaska, Canada, New Zealand and many more.

He is a member of the "Association for Wildlife and Nature Photography Austria - VTNÖ". 


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   Highly Commanded 2018 - Mammals

VTNÖ - Verein für Tier- und Naturfotografie Österreich:  

   Overall Winner 2017 - Nature Photo of the year

   Wildlife Photographer of the year 2016  

   Overall Winner 2016 - Nature Photo of the year  


   Winner 2016 - Beca MontPhoto WWF Grant

IFWP - International Federation of Wildlife Photography:

   Winner 2015 - Landscape

   3. Place 2015 - Mammals


   Highlight 2013 - Diversity of all other animals

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